Throughout the year 2012 10.290 bankruptcy proceedings were requested in the Commercial Courts of Spain, which means an increase of 28.2% compared with those reported in the previous year, according to data compiled by the Statistical Service of the General Council of the Spanish Judiciary. The 20.8% of the bankruptcy proceedings occurred in Catalonia, which was followed by Valencia with 14.7%, the Community of Madrid, with 13.8% and 13.4% in Andalucía. 
The number of 7541 bankruptcy proceedings were declared, to which must be added the 752 declared and concluded under the Article 176 bis 4 of the Bankruptcy Act. During the year a total of 1,690 reached the agreement stage, while 5530 began the liquidation. In addition, there were 1809 cases of Article 64 of the Bankruptcy Act (ERE). 
The data show that the increase in the last five years (2008 to 2012) compared to the previous (2003 to 2007) was of 429.5%, which translates to average annual increases of 85.9%.
For its part, the comparison of mortgages foreclosures the five years of the crisis (2008-2012) and the five previous (2003-2007) showed an increase of 368.7%, representing an average annual increase of 73.7%. For executions resolved the increase was 199.5%, with an annual average of 39.9%. And for those that were pending at the end of the period the increase in the five years was 482.9%, 96.6% annually.


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