BANKRUPTCY LAW SEMINAR: AUTONOMY OF THE WILL AND CORPORATE INSOLVENCY (refinancing agreements and company restructuring in crisis).

The next day, November 23, under the direction of the ACGC Academic Advisor, D. José Antonio García-Cruces, will be held in Zaragoza the VII Seminar on Insolvency Law, under the heading of "Freedom of choice and corporate insolvency (refinancing agreements and company restructuring in crisis)."

Will be analyzed the general configuration of the instruments of preventive and palliative insolvency duties in negotiating and contractual liability, the duty to encourage the competition, the position of the creditors to the agreements, the financial content agreements, corporate restructuring agreements, the justification material agreement by a viability plan and its independent expert contrast, the effects of the agreements related to third parties and, finally, the procedure of the refinancing agreements.

The VII Seminar on Insolvency Law will be held in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Law of the University of Zaragoza (c / Pedro Cerbuna, 12), on November 23, 2012.



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