A.Bercovitz, Alvargonzalez, Corcelles y García-Cruces, it’s a law firm which emerges from the coalescence of  three partners, two professionals and an academic partner, whom status has being funded on the advanced experience in the commerce law. Three partners which first priority is to provide the most rigorous legal advice from the knowledge, honesty and specialization in different areas of the commerce law.

The Business Law, due to it’s complexity, requires an exhaustive knowledge of the matter, therefore, the importance of the scientific study dealing with a case, it’s the most. The blend between legal knowledge and professional skills gained by the daily commerce practice, it’s the most suitable to achieve our clients confidence, professional success and a distinctive level which denotes the difference in the law practice. A solid and complete training, added to a long experience in the commerce law practice are strengthened to reach the professional relief, pursuing in the same way the specialization and scientific coalification of all of our staff.



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