The firm

A.Bercovitz, Alvargonzalez, Corcelles y García-Cruces, is a firm that arises from the union of three partners, two professionals and one academic, whose prestige has been consolidated through their extended experience in the field of Commercial Law and Business. Three partners, whose main objective is to provide the most rigorous legal advice from knowledge, honesty and specialization in the different areas of business law.

Alberto Bercovitz Rodriguez-Cano later joined the firm, assuming the presidency due to his extensive experience and prestige at an international level in the area of business law, and especially in the field of intellectual property.

"[...] We are always lerning [...]"

Mr. Alberto Bercovitz Rodríguez-Cano,
President of ABCGC Lawyers

Due to its complexity, business law requires exhaustive knowledge of the subject, thus the importance of scientific study is paramount when analyzing and advising on a case. The combination of such knowledge together with the professional background acquired through daily business practice is the ideal way to achieve the trust of our clients, professional success and a distinctive level that makes the difference in the world of law. A complete and solid training together with a long experience in legal practice, are joined to achieve professional satisfaction, in the pursuit of specialization and technical qualification of all our professionals.